Water Heaters
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Water Heater Installation in Evans, Ga

At Drain Surgeon, the first thing that we want customers to know is that we stand behind every word that we say. That means that our estimates are the actual cost of the service we are recommending and that when we promise an outstanding experience, we mean it. There is nothing exciting about water heater installation, that is unless you have been without hot water for a few days. But we will make sure that every step of the process is as simple and painless as possible. From the moment that you call 706-303-0174 to schedule same day service, emergency service or a regular visit to inspect and replace your broken water heater, you will be impressed by Drain Surgeon and our staff.

We make scheduling even emergency service easy because you speak to a real person who can answer your questions and get a plumber dispatched to your home quickly. And when there is a knock at your door, you will know that the person who arrived in a company truck and wearing a Drain Surgeon uniform is the plumber that you were expecting. Also, that licensed plumber has also passed a drug screening and a background check to provide you with a better comfort level when you invite him or her into your Evans home.

Finally, your decision process will be easy because we provide you with an estimate or even multiple estimates if you like before we begin any work. At that point, you are free to get estimates from other plumbers in the Evans area or approve our estimate and authorize our plumber to begin work immediately, so that you will have hot water by the end of the day. We know that other plumbers don’t offer all brands and types of water heaters as we do, but giving our customers options and providing reliable and reasonably priced service is how we believe business should be done. Call (706) 303-0987 today and Drain Surgeon can have a new water heater installed in your home today.

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Types of Water Heaters We Install

Water heaters are a lot like cars, there are a huge number to select from, and they all provide the same service, just in a slightly different manner. And while you might like to drive fast or enjoy a very luxurious car, you only really care that your water heater provides you with hot water every time you turn on a faucet or shower. But as experienced plumbers, the team at Drain Surgeon understands that some water heaters are a better fit for certain households. And our job is to help each customer determine which water heater is the best for their needs and budget.

Not only do we install both gas and electric water heaters at Drain Surgeon but we also install all of the major brands as well. So if you were 100% satisfied with your old water heater, we will most certainly install the exact same model for you. But when we ask you a few questions about your hot water needs, you might discover that your old water heater let you done a bit. Small water heaters are great for a small family. But as your family grew, you might have discovered that you needed to shower in shifts so that everyone got at least some hot water. A larger conventional water heater could solve that problem or at least go a long way to increasing your hot water supply. Or as a single homeowner or a couple, you might find that a smaller water heater is more economical and till meets or exceeds your needs. We will help you to figure all of that out.

And for those who love technology and want to know about the latest advances in eco-friendly water heaters, we will share all of our knowledge about tankless water heaters. These units are just as the name implies, tankless, and they heat the water only on demand. This saves energy by not maintaining 40 or 50 gallons of hot water when no one is even home. And on the occasion when you do have a house full of people, a tankless water heater provides an unlimited supply of hot water. It really is the best of both worlds. But there is a more in-depth process to retrofit this installation in some cases.

But the best part of this process is that unlike most car dealers, Drain Surgeon is not associated with any manufacturer, so we will install whatever brand and model of water heater best meets your needs and budget. Our philosophy is that if our customers know that we are always working for only their best interests, then they will remain loyal to our business.

We get that you just want reliable hot water and a reliable company to install your new water heater. And we also understand that we have made some bold statements about what to expect when you are working with Drain Surgeon. And we are completely ready to visit your home, provide you with an estimate for a new water heater and impress you with our pricing, knowledge, and professionalism. Call 706-303-0174 today and know that each person that you speak to or work with on this project will do everything possible to meet and exceed the lofty promised that we have made.