Leak Detection
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Leak Detection in Augusta, Ga

When you suspect a leak in your Augusta home, fast professional service is a must. Time is critical to reducing the potential for water damage and the health hazards that can be associated with a plumbing leak. Call Drain Surgeon, the most trusted & effective company for leak detection in Augusta at (706) 303-0987 to schedule our same day plumbing leak detection service. Our licensed plumbers use the latest technology to find your leak quickly and provide you with an honest and fair cost estimate to fix the problem. Even those worrisome leaks that you can’t see are no match for a Drain Surgeon leak detection specialist.

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Types Of Plumbing Leaks

There are two main categories that cover all plumbing leaks in your home. The first are the overt leaks, the ones that you can easily detect. These leaks could be dripping faucets, running toilets, a drip from a pipe under your sink or even that trickle coming from the hose bib outside. The other type of leak is actually more alarming because these are the ones that you don’t see. These hidden leaks are usually located in a broken or damaged pipe inside a wall or underneath the slab foundation of your home.

These leaks are alarming because hold the potential for massive damage and expensive repairs. Here at Drain Surgeon our licensed plumbers are ready to provide you with a fair, no-obligation estimate to repair any leak that might be in your Augusta home. When you pick up the phone to schedule your plumbing leak detection in Augusta, we will arrive at your home with the tools, experience, and plumbing IQ necessary to locate the leak at it’s source. Once found, we will provide you with an estimate to repair the leak at the source.

What Is A Slab Leak?

So how would you know there is a leak that you can’t see or hear? Well, you might have noticed an unexplainable increase in your water bill or a drop in your water pressure. There could even be a wet area outside the edge of your foundation. These tricky leaks are in the pipes that run under and then through your slab foundation to provide water to the various fixtures in your home. The leak can be a crack in a pipe due to the freeze and thaw of the soil or even shifting of the soil and your home’s foundation. But what is important is that they are located and repaired before doing a great deal of damage to your home.

Locating Slab Leaks

Rest assured that modern day plumbing professionals are not going to barge into your home with a sledgehammer and begin destroying your foundation. Our plumbers use the latest non-invasive leak detection equipment which allows a trained professional to listen for the sound of a water leak using sound amplification technology. This takes a very skilled approach and requires years of experience to do well. The exact same experience that we’ve gathered over the years providing Augusta residents with high-quality slab leak location & repair services.

If you suspect a slab leak call 706-303-0174 to schedule your slab leak detection in Augusta today! We are standing by ready to help you.

Repairing A Slab Leak

In a perfect world, when a leak is located in a slab, our plumbers will be able to re-route the damaged line through your crawl space or attic. This eliminates the need to break through your flooring to expose the damaged pipe. The pipes are then inserted into the walls with minimal damage and reconnected to your fixtures. This will eliminate the worry about future slab leaks and is often much more affordable than spot repairing a section of already compromised piping.

If there is no attic or crawl space, the next choice is to dig a tunnel under your foundation to reach the leak and repair it. This does mean that there will be minor disturbance to your yard but only minimal disturbance inside your home, if any at all. The final option is to jackhammer through your foundation to access and repair the pipe. This is both costly and messy, but in some cases, it is the only option. To determine which option is best for you, your home, and your budget, give us a call to schedule an estimate today.

Clearly, when you have a water leak in or under your home, you should only trust the licensed plumbing professionals from Drain Surgeon to locate and repair the leak. Our expertise and use of the latest technology will eliminate a great deal of destruction to your home and save you a lot of money. Call 706-303-0174 today to schedule Augusta leak detection today!