Leak Detection
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Leak Detection in Evans, Ga

It is always frustrating when you discover that you have a plumbing leak in your home. It could be an annoying little drip in a shower or tub or a faucet that will not shut off completely. Also, while you know that these are a waste of water and money, it is hard to see the potential that they represent for some severe damage to your home. However, the truth is that these small issues are only a hint of what is to come if they remain unrepaired. A call to 706-303-0987 is the affordable solution to the small problems before they become huge issues. A Drain Surgeon professional will arrive on time and ready to provide you with a quote to repair the issue and get the leak fixed for you. As a full-service plumbing company, Drain Surgeon has expertise in locating hidden pluming leaks that other companies may not be able to find. Leaks inside your walls, floor, or ceiling are harmful and can cause a great deal of water damage. However, the most worrisome leaks are the ones under your slab foundation. But thanks to the latest in leak detection technology, Drain Surgeon can locate any leak quickly and affordably. Also, once we have found the leak, we will provide you with as many options for repair as possible. Our goal is to work with you and your budget to find the best solution for any plumbing issue. Call 706-303-0987 today for same-day appointment and know that we will find and fix your leak today.

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Covert vs Overt Plumbing Leaks

The most common plumbing leaks are considered to be overt leaks because they are easy for you to notice. You can see a faucet, shower, or tub fixture that is dripping and you know that is a sign of a failing valve. Another example is a toilet that continues to run. You hear the water continuing to flow and know that it is time to call a reliable local plumbing company like the team here at Drain Surgeon to schedule a plumbing leak detection in Evans.

The more challenging leaks are the ones that you cannot see or hear but believe are there because of things like an unexpected large water bill, a wet area in your home, or even the smell of mildew or moisture. In most cases, the leak is underneath a slab foundation. These hidden leaks require fast action on your part to reduce the affects of water damage that can lead to costly repairs.

Understanding What A Slab Leak Really Is

The term slab leak is really referring to the location of the water leak. Homes that are constructed on a concrete foundation are often called slab homes. There is no basement or crawl space under the concrete slab, so plumbing pipes are laid out and stubbed up before the concrete is poured. After the concrete is poured and cured, plumbers use the piping that is coming up through the concrete slab as supply lines for all of the plumbing features in the home. In time, these pipes can develop leaks just like any other pipe, but the challenge is locating the leak under the concrete.

How Drain Surgeon Plumbers Locate Slab Leaks

As you can imagine, finding a water leak under a concrete slab presents some challenges. However, the latest in leak detection technology and tools have made the process much less destructive and costly. Our team of licensed plumbers is highly trained and skilled in operating sound amplification tools which allow us to hear running water, even under a concrete slab. The water will sound almost like water flowing in a creek or stream when amplified, so our plumber can follow the sound to the loudest point to determine the location of the leak. When sound amplification is not an option, our plumbers will isolate each pipe and pressure test them all to determine which pipe leaks. Both of these options are far better than the old school method of cutting out large sections of your foundation to search for the leak.

Repair Options For Slab Leaks

The location of the leak will play a significant role in how it is repaired. For leaks near the edge of the concrete slab, it is possible to dig a tunnel to access the pipe and make the repair. In other cases, your Drain Surgeon plumber will be able to reroute piping through the walls, ceiling, or even the attic of your home. This process will eliminate the leaking pipe and restore your water.

The final option for repair is used when rerouting, or tunneling is not feasible. In this case, our plumber will locate the leak via sound amplification and then cut a hole in the concrete slab at the location of the leak. The repair can then be completed, and the piping pressure tested. Once that is done, the concrete is patched, and flooring repairs can be made. At Drain Surgeon, our goal is always to meet our customers’ needs for professional service and affordable pricing. When there are multiple repair options, our plumber will discuss those with you and help you to select the option that best meets all of your needs.

We understand that plumbing leaks can be very annoying and costly for our customers. Also, we will use all of our expertise and resources to locate your leak and repair it as quickly and efficiently as possible. Water damage and the potential for toxic black mold growth are worries that you can eliminate by a fast call to 706-303-0987 for same-day or emergency plumbing service from Drain Surgeon.