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Drain Cleaning Evans, Ga

Slow clearing drains are never something that should be ignored. A slow drain is a signal that something is beginning to implead the flow of water, and from there the situation is only going to get worse. Call the drain cleaning professionals at Drain Surgeon at (706) 303-0987 to schedule a professional and safe drain cleaning.

Many homeowners believe that a $10 bottle of drain cleaner from the big box store is all that is needed, but that is not a real solution. And in fact, it can cause more damage than good. A professional drain cleaning from a trained plumber is the only solution that will eliminate a clog and clean all of the clog causing residue from inside drain pipes.

At Drain Surgeon we offer customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our drain cleaning service. You will see a fully flowing drain with no bad odor or chemical smell thanks to the high-pressure water jet drain cleaning system that we use. Don’t wait until you have a sink, tub, or toilet that is completely blocked to call, and face the potential of an overflow that will cause damage to your home. We offer 24-hour a day service because you never know when you will be facing an issue with a clogged drain. Call today at (706) 303-0987.

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Common Causes Of Drain Clogs

Drain clogs occur because of the things that we wash down our sinks, tubs, and flush down toilets. And while different pipes handle different types of oily and greasy waste, the result is always the same. Pipes become coasted with waste residue over time, simply because that is the nature of what a drain is designed to handle. That residue will become sticky as it builds up, and will stop food and other particles from flowing freely through the drains. When this happens, a clog begins to form and will only become worse until the pipes are professionally cleaned.

Clogged Sinks & Drains

Kitchen sinks are coated with a great deal of oil and grease each time cooking utensils, pots, pans, and other cookware is washed. This oil coats the inside of the drain pipe and then dries to a sticky mess when the water is turned off. And as more residue builds up, more and more food particles become lodged in the scum. In the case of bathroom sinks, the oil and grease coating the drain pipes are often the result of using moisturizing soaps and other bath products which are good for the skin but not so good for the drain pipes. Again, the residue begins to capture tiny debris particles as they wash down the drain. These issues all start small but will grow until the entire pipe is blocked by particles and debris. However, a professional drain cleaning from Drain Surgeon removes the residue and eliminates the potential for tiny particles to create a drain blockage.

Backed Up Toilets

Backed up toilets are often caused by too much paper, sanitary products, or foreign objects being flushed down the toilet. In the case of too much paper, a plunger might do the trick. But if the blockage has been growing over time similarly to an issue with a sink drain, the only solution is a professional drain cleaning. This will remove the residue build-up and help to prevent future issues. If an object was flushed, say by a curious child, then a plumbing snake might be needed to dislodge the object. And if that does not do the trick, the entire toile fixture might need to be removed to retrieve the object. These clogs can be more tricky and certainly messier. But a call to 706-303-0174 will have a Drain Surgeon professional at your home quickly to eliminate the issue for you.

Clogged Tubs and Showers

Showers and bathtubs see the same oil-based beauty products and bath products that often cause clogs in bathroom sinks. Moisturizing body wash and hair conditioner have a high oil content and will coat the inside of shower and tub drains very quickly. In addition, both showers and tubs handle a lot of hair. This combination means that clogs will form much faster in these drains. And pet owners know that just one bath for a small dog in the bathtub will result in handfuls of loose hair and fur. The best choice to eliminate the worry of clogged tub and shower drains is a proactive annual professional drain cleaning from Drain Surgeon. Call 706-303-0174 and know that your day will never be ruined by a flooded bathroom.

Clogged drains are just something that everyone will have to deal with from time to time unless they take action to prevent this annoying mess. Chemical liquids that are dumped into an already clogged drain are as likely to eat through the drainpipe as they are to eliminate the clog. And they are certainly not going to clean the rest of the pipes, even if they do clear some of the clog. A professional high-pressure drain cleaning from a licensed, bonded, and insured Drain Surgeon plumber is the only solution that will clear a clog and prevent further clogs. Call 706-303-0174 today, and see the benefit of hiring a skilled professional to eliminate drain clogs in your home forever.