Water Heater Repair
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Water Heater Repair in Martinez, Ga

Discovering that your water heater is not working is never a pleasant experience. But the thought of what a new water heater will cost is almost equally as unpleasant. Fortunately, residents of Martinez, Ga have a much better option. A call to (706) 303-0987 is all that you need to do to schedule an appointment with a The Drain Surgeon licensed plumber. Our skilled professionals are factory trained in accessing all makes and models of water heater and repairing them. Water Heater Repair in Martinez, Ga in not uncommon. This one call to (706) 303-0987 could save you hundreds of dollars and days without hot water.

At The Drain Surgeon, our priority is always meeting our customers’ needs with fair and affordable pricing, honest evaluations and recommendations, and above all, exceptional customer service. You are inviting us into your home. And we promise to always show the care, attention to detail, and respect that we would show if we were visiting our parent’s house. By offering you top quality workmanship, professionalism, and our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, we hope that you will be a The Drain Surgeon customer for life. Don’t delay, as soon as you notice an issue with your water heater, call (706) 303-0987. And rest assured that if you are in need of Water Heater Repair in Martinez, Ga, a The Drain Surgeon licensed plumber will tell you that and also the cost to have it repaired.

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Common Water Heater Problems

Today’s water heaters are complicated pieces of technology. And while this might sound like only justification for the high cost of these units, it is actually a benefit to consumers. The new units are far easier to repair than many of the older style water heaters. So when you discover that you have no hot water, don’t resign yourself to buying a new unit. Instead, call the pros at (706) 303-0987 and let us determine the issue and the cost to repair it. Some of the most common issues we run into are:

Having safe, clean water in your home is not something that you should think of as a luxury. Good water, from good plumbing pipes, is necessary for your health and happiness. When you have issues with old plumbing pipes, know that you can trust the team at The Drain Surgeon to provide you with the information that you need to make a well informed and smart choice about repiping your home.

Types Of Water Heaters

At The Drain Surgeon, we are a full-service firm. This means that we work on all makes and models of water heaters. The most common units that we service are the traditional tank-style water heaters. These units can use gas or electricity to heat the water in the holding tank, which can range from about 20 gallons up to more than 100 gallons.

Less common are the tankless water heaters. These units have no holding tank. Instead, they heat the water only when there is a demand for it. The heating takes place as the water is flowing through the pipes to the sink, faucet, or shower that is demanding it. While these systems might sound very different than the traditional water heater units, it functions in much the same manner, using gas or electricity to heat your water.

When you have no hot water or some other type of issue with your water heater, it can be challenging to know whom to call for assistance. Not every plumber is going to have your best interest at heart when evaluating your current Water Heater or future Water Heater Repairs in Martinez, Ga. However, when you call (706) 303-0987, we pledge always to provide you with honest and accurate information.

We have built our business on hard work and fair and honest pricing, along with good old fashioned customer service. We know that you work hard for your money, and we promise to help you get the most for every dollar that you spend on your Water Heater Repair in Martinez, Ga.