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Sewer Line Repair & Replacement Martinez, Ga

Sewer lines are not a big concern for most homeowners. But that oversight changes very quickly when you discover that your drains are not clearing due to a clog in your sewer line. Suddenly, this single pipe becomes very much more significant. You realize that unless you can get this clog resolved quickly, you are facing a nasty sewage backup in your home. And your only dilemma is whom to call for fast and professional help. Like most people, you turn to Google and instantly learn that your neighbors trust The Drain Surgeon when they have a sewer line issue.

Sewer Line Repair in Martinez, Ga is not uncommon. A quick call to (706) 303-0987 puts you in contact with an actual The Drain Surgeon employee who can answer your questions and schedule your service call. And the even better news is that we offer immediate emergency service and same-day appointments. Our goal is to eliminate the added stress of waiting for a plumber and the worry of water damage and sewage contamination in your home. As a full-service plumbing company, we offer Sewer Line Repair in Martinez, Ga as well as all other tasks related to your home’s plumbing and drain systems. So call us at (706) 303-0987 when you first notice an issue with your sewer line and know that we will arrive promptly and provide you with cost-effective options to correct the problem.

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Do I Really Own A Sewer Line?

That is the first question of many homeowners who call The Drain Surgeon to schedule an appointment when their drains are not flowing correctly. Most of us think of the pipes that connect our sinks, tubs, and showers, but we often forget that the toilets are also a part of that pipe system. And once all of those drains merge into a single pipe, it is called a sewer line. And every home has just one single pipe that carries all of the dirty water and waste to the city sewer system.

Common Sewer Line Issues

The function of a sewer line is fairly simple. Wastewater and solids go into the pipe, and gravity does most of the work to deliver it to the city sewer system. But with only gravity keeping the sewage rolling, the pipe must remain intact and unobstructed. The most common issue that impedes gravity’s progress is a clog in the sewer line.

The cause of sewer line clogs can vary a bit. One reason for a clog is physical damage to the sewer pipe. When the pipe is hit by a shovel, tree stake or fence post installation, it can shatter or crack. Obviously, shattering the pipe will result in a considerable sewage leak and dirt clogging the pipe. But even a tiny crack will allow dirt to dribble into the pipe and slow or stop the process of gravity.

Another concern once the sewer pipe becomes cracked is the invasion of tree roots. The root system of a tree is very opportunistic. It grows toward water and nutrient, which makes a sewer line the perfect habitat. The constant flow of wastewater and human waste inside the sewer line encourages the growth of the tree roots. Soon these roots completely block the flow of sewage from your home to the city sewer system.

All of these issues have the same result. When the sewage cannot flow into the city sewer main, it begins to back up in your home. And when that occurs, a fast call to (706) 303-0987 is your best course of action. A The Drain Surgeon sewer line specialist will arrive quickly to access the situation and provide you with a price quote to repair or replace your sewer line.

Tired Of Sewer Line Issue?

As with anything, sewer lines do wear out. And when that happens, you will begin to notice more frequent issues with clogs. You could also notice odd noises coming from your sewer line as obstructions are diverting the water. These hints from your sewer pipe, along with the age of the pipe, and even the number of trees located near the pipe should all be considered when you are deciding when to replace your sewer line.

Taking Action

For an honest evaluation of your current sewer line, call (706) 303-0987 to schedule a visit from a The Drain Surgeon professional. He or she will examine the pipe using a tiny camera and tell you if it is time to plan for a sewer line replacement. The condition of the pipe and your budget will be the deciding factors in finding the most efficient and effective solution for your Sewer Line Repair in Martinez, Ga.

At The Drain Surgeon, our goal is to provide each customer with as many options and solutions as possible to correct their sewer line issues. If a replacement is not currently in the budget, we will work with you on a more cost-effective short term solution. Never risk a sewage flood in your home. Call (706) 303-0987 at the first sign of any sewer line issue, and let us provide you with the best service in Sewer Line Repair in Martinez, Ga.