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Nothing in your home lasts forever. Over time all mechanical devices and systems such as your plumbing begin to wear out. In the case of your plumbing, you will start to notice more frequent leaks and maybe even a decrease in your water pressure. This is the time to call (706) 303-0987 and schedule an appointment with a The Drain Surgeon licensed plumber. Our pro will access your current piping and help you to decide if this is the best time for you to repipe your home.

Plumbing Repiping in Martinez, Ga is not uncommon. At The Drain Surgeon, we understand that a complete plumbing repiping project is a substantial investment of both your money and time. But we also know that when left in place, old plumbing pipes can create a massive amount of water damage in your home. Our goal is to help you select the best solution for your plumbing needs but also your budget. So never ignore the signs of old, worn-out pipes. Call the team you can trust to provide you with an accurate assessment and reasonable cost estimate for your Plumbing Repiping in Martinez, Ga.

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    Top Reasons To Repipe

    Every homeowner deals with a few plumbing issues and leaks from time to time. But when your pipes are very old, the problems seem to be constant. Repiping your home is the only real solution to old pipes that are failing. After The Drain Surgeon repipes your home, you will enjoy…

    1. No more water leaks from your new piping, which will save you money and frustration
    2. No worries about water damage to your home!
    3. No more worrying about the possibility of toxic black mold growing in your walls, floors, and ceiling, causing a health risk to you and your loved ones
    4. Clean, clear water
    5. Restored water pressure
    6. An increase in your home’s value thanks to new piping and the The Drain Surgeon warranty

    Having safe, clean water in your home is not something that you should think of as a luxury. Good water, from good plumbing pipes, is necessary for your health and happiness. When you have issues with old plumbing pipes, know that you can trust the team at The Drain Surgeon to provide you with the information that you need to make a well informed and smart choice about repiping your home.

    Signs Of Old Plumbing Pipes

    If your home is around 50 years old and you are still using the original plumbing pipes, it is time to begin thinking about repiping your home. And in some areas, the hard water and mineral-rich water can wear out piping in as little as 25 to 30 years. But age is not the only indication that it is time to repipe your home. Some other signs include:

    • Reduced Water Pressure- When you notice that your water pressure is lower than it once was, this is often due to old, corroded pipes. Over time, minerals and rust build up on the inside of your water pipes. This shrinks the diameter of the pipe and reduces the flow of water throughout your home. But that is not the most pressing concern.
    • Discolored Water- As you might imagine, when your water pipes are corroded with rust and other mineral deposits, your water is going to become discolored. It could be a rust or red color or even be just slightly yellow or dingy. These are signs that your pipes are actually contaminating your water, and you should call (706) 303-0987 to schedule an evaluation of your water lines.
    • Repeated Leaks- One or two leaks over a decade is not cause for concern. But when you are dealing with multiple leaks each month, there is a problem. And when these leaks are in different locations throughout your home, the only solution is repiping the house. Also, consider that for all of the leaks that you can see of notice because of wet areas on the floor or in walls, there could be more leaks concealed in the walls and floor that you don’t know about. These hidden leaks could be creating a great deal of water damage. Call the pros at The Drain Surgeon to learn more about repiping your home to restore your peace of mind.

    What Does Repiping A home Involve?

    As you know, almost all of the water lines in your home are located inside floors, walls, and ceilings. So there is going to be a bit of demolition required to remove the old pipes and install the new ones. But with years of experience working on homes in the Martinez, Ga area, The Drain Surgeon licensed plumbers are very skilled at keeping the destruction to a minimum.

    The size and floor plan of your home will dictate how long the job takes, but our crew will be meticulous and show you and your home the utmost respect. We cover your floors, belongings, and furniture to make sure that nothing is accidentally damaged. And after the new pipes are installed and pressure tested, we clean up after ourselves and leave your home spotless.

    Why Call The Drain Surgeon?

    Plumbing Repiping in Martinez, Ga is a big job and a big decision for you. And at The Drain Surgeon, we want you to know that you can trust our team to work professionally, show your home the same respect that we show our own, and provide you with the highest quality workmanship in the industry. Each member of our team is a licensed plumber, but he or she is also a customer service professional. And we believe that a massive part of our job is to ensure that you, our customer, is always 100% satisfied with every aspect of our work and our company. Not only Plumbing Repiping in Martinez, Ga, but any other service we can provide for you.

    When you are experiencing many water leaks in your home, rust-colored water, or decreased water pressure, don’t let the situation overwhelm you. Call the plumbers you can trust at (706) 303-0987. And know that a The Drain Surgeon professional will arrive promptly and provide you with the information you need to move forward with Plumbing Repiping in your Martinez, Ga home.



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