Leak Detection
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Leak Detection in Martinez, Ga

Few things in life create more stress than the thought of water damage to your home. Not only water create structural damage to your home, but it can also become the breeding ground for toxic black mold, which causes numerous health issues. As soon as you think that there could be a water leak in your home, call (706) 303-0987 immediately. The leak detection specialists in Martinez, Ga at The Drain Surgeon will use the latest technology and decades of experience to quickly locate any leak in or under your home and provide you with cost-effective options to repair the leak.

Never trust something as potentially hazardous as a water leak in your home to a handyman or non-licensed plumber. Their antiquated methods for locating a leak could create more damage to your home than the leak is causing. Only trust professional leak detection specialists who are skilled at using the latest technology and not just a sledgehammer. Call (706) 303-0987 today, and know that we will locate the leak today and provide you with options to get it fixed quickly and affordably.

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Types Of Plumbing Leaks

The leaks that you can see and hear in your home are the ones that plumbers refer to as overt. You see them, call us, and we fix them. It is an easy process and very cost-effective. You might be tempted to wait to call (706) 303-0987 when the leak is just a dripping faucet, but understand that this is wasting water and could be a hint that there is something else wrong. Always trust The Drain Surgeon to provide you with an honest evaluation and an affordable solution for any apparent water leak in your home.

The more severe type of leak is the one that is hidden under your home. These are the ones that you might worry about when you get a huge yet unexplainable water bill or when your water pressure is suddenly decreased. These hidden leaks are also the ones that hold the highest potential for causing massive damage to your home’s foundation. Any time you think there might be a leak under your home, only trust the pros from The Drain Surgeon to locate and repair this potentially catastrophic water leak.

What Is A Slab Leak?

Homes that are built on a slab concrete foundation sometimes experience a leak in the water lines running under the house. These leaks are called slab leaks and can cause some significant damage if they are not professionally located and repaired quickly.

The cause of a slab leak is often a shift in the soil under your foundation. The movement could be due to natural settling or a drastic temperature change, but the outcome is always the same. The ground moves the pipes but not the entire foundation of your home. The result is a crack in the water pipe and a leak that could begin to damage your foundation and the structural integrity of your home.

Locating A Slab Leak

When you think there could be a leak under your slab foundation, a call to (706) 303-0987 should be your first course of action. Time is critical when water could be undermining your home. Our leak detection specialist in Martinez, Ga will arrive armed with the latest technology used to locate hidden leaks. This sound amplification equipment allows a trained specialist to hear the sound of any moving water under your home and even pinpoint its location. Our method of leak detection is far superior to the old practice of digging through the foundation in random places in search of the water leak.

Repairing A Slab Leak

Once our licensed plumber located the leak under your home, he or she will describe to you the location of the leak and provide you with options for repairing the leak. In the best cases, the leak is near the edge of the foundation and can be accessed and repair by digging under the slab. This is also the most cost-effective repair. When the leak is far from the edge of the foundation, another option is to abandon the leaking pipe and route a new pipe through your walls, floor, or crawl space. This option is a bit more expensive but eliminates the potential for another leak in the pipe under your home.

When all other options are exhausted, our plumber can access the leak by cutting a small access hole in your foundation. This allows him or her to repair the pipe and complete a pressure test of the repair. While this is more expensive and does cause a little bit of mess in your home temporarily, it is an excellent method to eliminate the leak. And rest assured, we always clean up any mess that is created when making these repairs.

Worrying about a potential leak that could be destroying your home’s foundation is very stressful. At The Drain Surgeon, we understand your concern and want to provide you with cost-effective solutions as quickly as possible. Call us today at (706) 303-0987 and know that we will provide you with answers and peace of mind today.