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Drain Cleaning Martinez, Ga

It can be very tempting to turn a blind eye to a slow clearing drain in your Martinez, Ga home. But homeowners need to remember that this little annoyance is a warning for the more severe issue that is to come, if left unresolved. A single call to (706) 303-0987 is all that you need to do to know that your minor drain issue is not going to turn into a costly and time-consuming mess. The pros at Drain Surgeon will arrive promptly for your drain cleaning appointment and have the issue eliminated quickly and safely.

You might be thinking that a $9.00 jug of drain cleaner will provide the same result as a professional drain cleaning, but that is not even close to the truth. Over the counter drain cleaners use harsh chemicals that can damage your drain pipes and create toxic chemical fumes. And in most cases, they don’t even remove the troublesome clog.

For a real solution to your clogged drain, trust only the licensed plumbers from Drain Surgeon to get the job done right. Our plumbers have passed a drug screening and background check before being hired, so we know exactly whom you are inviting into your home. We also provide continued training and educational opportunities for our staff so that you are getting only the best plumbing service from our knowledgeable pros. Never ignore the warning from a slow clearing drain. Call (706) 303-0987 and know that a Drain Surgeon professional will safely and quickly eliminate the clog and clean all of your drain pipes.

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Common Causes Of Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are not uncommon in most households. We ask our drain lines to carry away a lot more than just water, and over time, that waste creates a sticky, oily residue. That oils mess coats the inside of the drain pipes and create the perfect place for debris to become lodged and begin to create a clog. Oil-based bath products, cooking oil, and grease combine with food and debris particles and hair to form some nasty blockages in drain pipes and create the potential for a flood of dirty water in your home. At the first sign of a clog call (706) 303-0987 to schedule a professional drain cleaning with a Drain Surgeon licensed plumber to avoid the hassle and mess of a clogged drain.

Clogged Sinks And Drains

Kitchen sinks often handle a lot of grease and oil from cooking and washing cookware. Unfortunately, some of that grease sticks to the drainpipe and begins to trap food particles and even tiny bits of debris from the garbage disposal. When this happens, you will start to notice that the drain is clearing more slowly than it had in the past. This is when you need to call (706) 303-0987 for a professional drain cleaning. Don’t wait until the drainpipe is completely blocked, and your kitchen sink is useless.

Bathroom sinks are also prone to clogs, but most often, these clogs are a combination of oil from bath and beauty products and hair. These clogs can form more quickly as kitchen sink residue is sometimes reduced due to the grease eliminating dish soap that you use. A plunger might clear a small clog, but only a professional drain cleaning will remove all of the residues that will begin forming future clogs.

Backed Up Toilets

Backed up toilets create many issues. First, every home needs a functioning toilet. And second, that dirty water represents a contamination factor that no one wants to think about. Too much paper and flushing foreign objects or feminine products can all result in a backup of filthy water. Careful use of a plunger might do the trick, but if not, don’t waste your time and money on a chemical drain cleaner. It won’t work. Call (706) 303-0987 and know that a Drain Surgeon plumber will arrive quickly and use only non-toxic products and proven professional drain cleaning processes to remove the clog and clean the drain pipes.

Clogged Tubs And Showers

Showers and tubs are designed to handle all of the tiny particles and dirt that we wash off of our skin, but it is the oil in bath products that creates the issue. These oils and moisturizers that are so good for skin are awful for drain pipes. They generate a residue similar to that found in kitchen sinks, and the result is a clogged drain and the potential for water damage to your home. When you notice water beginning to back up in your shower or tub, call (706) 303-0987 and schedule a professional drain cleaning in your Martinez, Ga home to eliminate the small clog before it becomes a significant issue.

There are numerous drains in your home that can become clogged and potentially create water damage and worse in your home. The best solution when you notice a single drain issue is to contact the pros at Drain Surgeon to schedule a professional drain cleaning in Martinez, Ga. We use only pipe safe cleaning methods that never create harmful fumes. Call (706) 303-0987 and in a single appointment will eliminate all of the clogs in your home and the potential for new clogs to form.