Tankless Water Heater Repair

Tankless Water Heater Repair in Aiken, Sc

Many homeowners think of tankless water heaters as a very new piece of technology. But these highly energy-efficient units have been used in a residential setting for decades. And even though they are not new, there are only a few plumbing companies whose plumbers are factory certified to repair tankless water heaters. The Drain Surgeon is known for its high-quality work as a full-service plumbing contractor, including the area of tankless water heater repair in Aiken, Sc.

Hiring a plumber for any job in your home is about more than just the technical skill to complete the job. And at The Drain Surgeon, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best customer service experience, reasonable pricing quality, and tankless water heater repairs in Aiken, Sc. Our goal is not to get rich quick by overcharging customers. We are focused on creating long term loyalty from our customers by providing exceptional service at a great price. When you are having an issue with your tankless water heater, please call us at (706) 303-0987 and let us show you why our customers always provide five stars when rating our company.

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    Common Tankless Water Heater Issues

    The success of your tankless water heater system starts with proper design. Many customer complaints that we are called to address are actually the result of improper sizing and design prior to installation. Rather than issues with the proper function of a tankless water heater. Some of our most common service requests include:

    • Demand Overload- Just as the name implies, this situation is due to too high a demand for hot water. Each tankless water heater is designed to provide up to a set amount of hot water each minute. This is where the pre-installation design and sizing come into play. When you place to high a demand on a tankless water heater, it shuts down. This is not a flaw in the operation of the system as much as it is a design flaw. In some more rare cases, homeowners’ water demands increased significantly, causing this issue. Either way, the solution is to install a larger tankless unit or to install another unit and reduce the number of fixtures that rely on the original tankless water heater.
    • Combustion Shutdown- When a tankless water heater is not vented correctly, or the vent becomes clogged or blocked, the computer will shut the system down. Our pros will investigate the ventilation for your tankless water heater to determine the cause of the shutdown and how to correct it.
    • Mineral Build-Up- Hard water leaves scale deposits inside a tankless water heater that will eventually impede its performance. The very simple solution to this issue is regularly flushing the tankless water heater with a descaling solution. We offer a regular maintenance program for your tankless water heaters, or you can complete the process yourself. But it is an essential step in preventing life-shortening damage to your system.
    • Mechanical Failures- All mechanical devices have moving parts that can become worn or damaged. In the case of tankless water heaters, some of the more common mechanical issues include gas supply line blockage, ignitor, and heating element wear and tear, water valve wear, and issues related to the electronic components. But regardless of the reason for your water heater issue, a call to (706) 303-0987 is the only way to know that a factory-trained professional will evaluate your unit, find the problem and provide you with cost-effective options to correct it.


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    At The Drain Surgeon, we know that issues related to your tankless water heater can be very frustrating. We can also ensure you that Tankless Water Heater Repair in Aiken, Sc is not uncommon. Not all plumbers are qualified to evaluate and repair these water heaters, but that is not the case for our team. Just give us a call at (706) 303-0987 to schedule your appointment. Our licensed plumber will arrive promptly and ready to find the source of the problem. And no matter how large or small the job, we always provide a complete no-obligation price quote before beginning any repairs. So don’t let a tankless water heater issue add stress to your life. Trust the pros at The Drain Surgeon to get you the answers you need in a timely and affordable manner. Our expertise, professionalism, and reasonable pricing are sure to make you a loyal customer for life. Let us earn your trust and business by providing you with the best Tankless Water Heater Repair in all of Aiken, Sc!



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