Leak Detection
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Leak Detection in Aiken, Sc

Few issues can disrupt your life more than a water leak in your home. It can be challenging to find a reliable plumber that will show up time for an appointment and have the skill needed to locate the water leak efficiently. And, then, there is the added worry about the damage that the water could cause to your home and the potential for health risks if toxic black mold has begun to contaminate your house. But all of this stress can be eliminated or at least reduced to a manageable level when you call (706) 303-0987.

At The Drain Surgeon, our leak detection specialists are available 24/7 so that you never need to wait to learn if there actually is a water leak in or under your home. And this fast response also helps to reduce your concern about extensive water damage, mold growth, and the possibility of hazardous contamination. We are committed to providing each customer with not only the best leak detection service in Aiken, Sc but also the best customer service in the plumbing industry. Call us today at (706) 303-0987 and rest assured, we will locate any leak that is hidden anywhere in your home.

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Types Of Plumbing Leaks

All plumbing leaks hold the potential to cause severe damage to your home. But the apparent leaks that you can see often do not reach this point, because you call the pros at The Drain Surgeon to repair them. These dripping faucets, showers, or pipes are easy to fix, and you never need to worry about extensive water damage.

But the ones that often cause damage to the foundation or interior of the house are the hidden leaks that you don’t even know exist. These leaks are hidden in the walls, floors, or even under the slab of your home and are not noticeable. You only begin to worry about a leak when you notice a drop in the water pressure or receive a huge water bill. As soon as this happens, you have no time to waste. Call (706) 303-0987 immediately to schedule a leak detection appointment in Aiken, Sc. The sooner we arrive to locate the leak, the less repair expense you will face.

What Is A Slab Leak?

If you live in a home that is built on a concrete foundation with no basement, then you need to know about slab leaks. These are very troublesome leaks that occur in the water pipes that run under your slab foundation. When the soil under your foundation shifts or settles, these pipes can become cracked or even shattered. The result is water running under your home, and the damage can quickly become very expensive. If you think that there is any chance that you have a leak under your foundation, call the leak detection experts in Aiken, Sc at The Drain Surgeon immediately. Our professionals will arrive promptly to put your mind at ease.

How We Locate A Slab Leak

Slab leaks can be challenging to locate. In some cases, we can isolate the pipes and find the leak. Other times, a pressure test will help us determine if there is a leak and where it is located. But honestly, most slab leaks require the use of some very technical equipment. Each leak detection specialist in Aiken, Sc at The Drain Surgeon has received extensive training on the operation of our sound amplifying leak detection tool. This tool allows a skilled plumber to actually hear any water that is moving under your concrete foundation. He or she can then follow the sound to determine precisely where the leak is located.

How We Repair A Slab Leak

Knowing where the slab leak is located is often only half of the challenge. Accessing the leak can be difficult, as well. When the leak is located near the edge of the foundation, the best repair method is to dig to expose the leak. After the repair is made and pressure tested, the soil can be replaced and packed back under the edge of your foundation.

When the leak is not accessible from the edge of the foundation, another option is to abandon the damaged pipe and install a new one in the wall, floor, or attic of your home. This option was not available to the plumbers who built your home because the walls were not in place, but we can use them to route a new pipe. Having the pipe run inside your home also eliminates the potential for another slab leak in the future.

Our final option is to cut a small hole in the foundation to repair the leaking pipe. While this might sound difficult, The Drain Surgeon pros are very experienced in removing a piece of concrete, making the needed repairs and patching your foundation with minimal mess created in your home. Regardless of the location of the slab leak, our licensed plumber will always provide you with all of your options and their prices, then help you make the best choice for your budget and your needs.

When you think that there is a leak under your home, call (706) 303-0987 as quickly as possible. These leaks can become very serious, very quickly. Our leak detection specialist in Aiken, Sc will arrive promptly and use the latest leak detection tools to find and repair the slab leak as efficiently as possible.