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Time has a way of affecting everything, your homes water supply line is no exception. As main water lines age, they become increasingly vulnerable to the effects of water pressure, mineral deposits, tree root intrusions, and the small shifts in the soil that naturally occur. In most cases these issues are not necessarily alarming. After all, most plumbing piping can last upwards of several decades without issue as long as proper cleaning and maintenance occurs. But for plumbing systems that fall victim to a lack of upkeep or the unavoidable natural degredation that happens to all metals over time, Drain Surgeon is here to help! Our team of plumbing contractors proudly provides fast & affordable main water line repair & replacement in Augusta.

What Causes A Main Water Line Leak?

As mentioned above there are several main reasons why a main water line might break or spring a leak. It is not out of the question that the pipe may simply be defective or that improper installation or poor workmanship are to blame. As frustrating as it may be, there really isn’t much to do about a leaking line other than to replace it. Some less common issues like freezing and thawing ground can also cause line failure but given the climate in Georgia, this isn’t a concern for Augusta residents.

Is your main water line broken or damaged?

You may be asking yourself, “what are the signs of a broken main water line?” Or, “How do I know if my main water line is broken?” Asking yourself the following questions can be very helpful in making that determination:

Have you experienced a substantial reduction in water pressure?
Has your water bill inexplicably increased up in the last few months?
Is the water flowing from your taps discolored?
Has a sinkhole or unusually wet spot developed in your yard? How about around the foundation of your home?

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Serious Warning Signs of a Broken Water Line on Your Property

– Increased water bill – Your homes water usage should remain relatively stable throughout the season. A sudden or continual spike in usage is a surefire sign that something is off. The moment you spot an increase in your water usage you should perform a visual inspection of your lawn, basement (if you have one), and foundation.

– Decreased water pressure – A decrease in water pressure is a major red flag for any homeowner.  It is almost always a water heater or main water line issue. If you are struggling to take comfortable showers, wash dishes, or have difficulty flushing toilets, contact a plumber right away!

– Soft or unusually lush spots in your yard – When water lines break they leak water into the soil surrounding the line. This additional water supply typically creates typically creates soft or lush spots in your lawn. If you notice unusually wet areas in your yard, especially in the warmer seasons, contact a plumber.

Experiencing unusual growth of green patches of grass in your yard? It may not be your main water line at all! Learn more about our sewer line repair service here. >>>


Different Pipe Materials

Galvanized Steel Main Water Line Replacement

When it comes to older main water lines it is not unlikely for lead or galvanized steel pipe to have been used. These materials wear out, rust, crack, and become otherwise damaged as time goes by. For the specific case of galvanized steel pipe, the galvanized coating naturally wears away over time and rusting occurs. Rust is notriously difficult if not impossible to stop once it takes hold of a metal. Rusted out lines will crack, leak water, become more easily penetrated by roots and become frequently clogged.

Lead Main Water Line Replacement

Lead water lines are no better. Over time lead can become brittle due to corrosion causing a two-fold problem for homeowners. Firstly pinholes and cracks will develop in the piping leading to leaks and even complete breaks or ruptures. The second, scarier problem with lead piping is the potential leaching of lead into tap water.

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Every main water line repair or replacement is unique. However, the process for determing whether a leak is present is tried and true. Schedule your water line inspection with one of our licensed plumbers today and see if your home is in need of main water line repair or replacement. We provide free estimates for the repair and replacement of sewer and water supply lines.



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