Water Heater Repair Grovetown, Ga

Water Heater Repair in Grovetown, Ga

Plumbing issues are never pleasant, but there are not too many problems that cause as much disturbance to your daily routine as a broken water heater. We are so used to walking into the kitchen or the bathroom and having hot water that not having it is mind-boggling. However, for a fast and affordable solution to your water heater woes, call 706-303-0987 to schedule an appointment with a water heater pro from Drain Surgeon.

Residents of Grovetown, Ga know that the licensed plumbers at Drain Surgeon are highly skilled when it comes to water heater repair. This means that each customer can count on a complete evaluation of their water heater as well as several options for repairing the old unit or replacing it. Our business is built on providing customers with reliable information, fair estimates, and top quality plumbing. That is how we built our business and reputation as the best plumbing company in the industry.

So while we are very focused on our plumbing skills, we did not forget that customer service, and professionalism are equally important. Our phone is always answered by a staff member and never a machine. We care about our customers and want to answer their questions immediately. We also offer 24/7 emergency appointments, evening appointments, and weekend hours so that you are never left without hot water. Call 706-303-0987 today and know that a Drain Surgeon plumber will have you hot water running by the end of the day.

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    Common Water Heater Issues

    If you have noticed that there is water leaking from your water heater tank at a rusted or corroded spot, your only real solution is to replace the entire unit. However, almost every other issue involving your water heater can be repaired by a licensed plumber from Drain Surgeon. Our pros work on all makes and models so that we can keep your repair bill low and add you to our list of satisfied customers.

    When your water heater is not heating water any longer, the most common reasons for that inconvenience are a worn-out thermostat or heating element. Each of these parts can be replaced and will provide many more years of reliable service from your current water heater. Less common reasons for no hot water include a tripped electrical circuit breaker or a clogged gas line. These issues can also be fixed very quickly.

    When you find that the temperature of your hot water is no longer consistent, this is a warning from your water heater.  Your thermostat or heating element is about to fail. Again, a call to 706-303-0987 to schedule our reliable & affordable water heater repair in Grovetown, Ga. We can get you back in a warm shower in no time!

    Hot water pressure issues are most often related to calcium build up in your pipes and fixtures. Increasing the size of your water line can eliminate pressure issues as can removing the build-up from fixtures.

    A nasty smell or color to your hot water means that there is some corrosion or other contamination in your water heater tank. Most often, it is the anode that is corroded and causing the bad smell and coloration of the water. Replacing the anode and cleaning the tank will eliminate the issues and prevent further similar problems.


    The Different Types Of Water Heaters

    Water heaters are made by a variety of companies, just like the other appliances in your home. However, when it comes to design and construction, all water heaters fall into one of three primary groups. The standard water heater is what most homeowners are used to seeing. It has a large holding tank where the water is heated and remains until there is a demand for hot water. These units have a heating element inside the holding tank that can be operated by gas or electric to heat the water. These two types of water heaters are the most common and have a life expectancy of around ten years when they are properly maintained.

    The final type of water heater has no tank and is called a tankless or on-demand water heater. These units have a heating element in the pipes that carry the water. There is no holding tank, but as soon as you turn on a hot water faucet in your home, the water is heated and flows to the tap. When there is no longer a demand for hot water, the heating element turns off. This makes tankless units a very energy-efficient method of heating water. Not only do homeowners like the unlimited hot water supply offered by tankless units, but they also appreciate that the units last up to twice as long as a traditional water heater.

    The key to an affordable solution to all of your water heater issues is contacting the reliable plumbers at Drain Surgeon. We know that our customers work hard for their money and we respect that. Our goal is always to help our customers find the most cost-effective solution for their water heater repair. This philosophy has enabled us to build a thriving business and enjoy repeat business from our vast clientele.

    When you call 706-303-0987, we promise that you will receive personalized service, professional workmanship, and the options that you need to make a well-informed choice about repairing your water heater. With over 25 years of experience providing fast & affordable water heater repair in Grovetown, our goal is not only to fix your water heater but to win your loyalty and business for life.



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