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Leak Detection in Grovetown, Ga

Receiving an unexpectedly large water bill is never a pleasant experience. However, most consumers assume that there has been an error in the billing process. So once you determine that your water bill has skyrocketed for some reason, you begin to scour your home for water leaks. When that does not produce the culprit, your next call should be to 706-303-0987 to schedule an appointment with a Drain Surgeon leak detection specialist. For over 25 years, we have been assisting members of the Grovetown, Ga community in locating and repairing slab leaks.

We offer same-day appointments as well as immediate appointments for emergency service. We want to help put an end to your worries of water damage and toxic mold growth in your home. You will also be pleasantly surprised when you learn about our reasonable rates and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We never consider a job finished until our customer is happy with the quality of our plumbing work, the clean-up of our work area and the bill for our services. Call 706-303-0987 today and know that at Drain Surgeon leak detection specialist in Grovetown, Ga will find any slab leak that is lurking under your foundation.


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    Types of Plumbing leaks

    While all plumbing leaks fall into the category of a bad experience, there are more technical categories that cover all leaks. The overt leaks are the ones that are easy to see and hear. Leaks such as a dripping faucet or shower or a toilet valve that continues to run are considered overt. Not only are these leaks easy to spot, but they are also easy to fix.

    It is the hidden leak, like the one that causes your water bill to increase suddenly, that is really a problem to find and fix. In almost every case, a hidden leak is located under the slab foundation of your home and is not detectable without sophisticated equipment in the hands of an experienced plumber. The faster you call 706-303-0987 when you suspect a slab leak, the less chance there will be for extensive and expensive water damage to your foundation.

    Understanding What A Slab Leak Really Is

    When your home is built on a slab, all of the plumbing pipes are running under the concrete. These pipes must stub up through the foundation to reach the inside of your home. When the foundation of your home shifts, the movement can cause the pipes to crack and begin to leak. Cracks in the pipe can also be caused by the expansion and contraction of the ground when it freezes and thaws.

    There are two reasons that slab leaks should always be considered to be very dangerous. The first is that these leaks will eventually wash the soil out from under your foundation. This can result in structural damage to the foundation and your home. The second danger is that the water leaking out of the pipes creates the perfect environment for the growth of toxic black mold. You might not even know that it is under your home. However, it could be causing severe breathing and respiratory issues for you and your loved ones.

    How Drain Surgeon Plumbers Locate Slab Leaks

    When your Drain Surgeon specialist arrives to your home to perform a leak detection service, the first order of business is to determine that a leak exists under your foundation. This can be accomplished by isolating the pipes and performing a pressure test. If a leak is present, it is time to use cutting edge technology to locate the leak.

    Sound amplification equipment is the best tool to use when looking for a slab leak. A highly skilled leak detection specialist of Grovetown, Ga can hear the sound of water running through the pipes under your foundation and detect the change in tone when the water is leaking from a cracked pipe. Using amplifying tools, Drain Surgeon leak detection specialists can find leaks more quickly than other plumbers and without invasive methods like digging through your foundation.

    Repair Options For Slab Leaks

    Whenever possible, our plumbers will access the slab leak by carefully digging under the slab. Once the pipe is repaired and pressure tested, the soil is replaced and compacted back under your foundation. This method of repair is the most cost-effective and least destructive.

    When the leak is not located near the edge of the foundation, the next option is to find a way to reroute the pipe. Ideally, our plumber can abandon the leaking pipe and install a new pipe in the crawl space under your home or in the attic. This process does require some work inside the house but creates very little disturbance to your daily routine. Once the new pipe is in place, all of the work areas will be cleaned for you, so that there are no signs of the repair.

    If your home does not have an attic or crawl space, our only other option is to cut through the concrete to access the pipe. In these cases, only a small piece of the foundation is removed at the location of the leak. After our licensed plumber makes the repair, the pipe is pressure tested to make sure that there are no other leaks before the foundation is repaired.

    At Drain Surgeon, our goal is always to provide our customers with as many cost-effective solutions as possible. We understand that an expensive repair is not always in your budget and we will work with you to find the solution that works best for you. Our goal is always 100% customer satisfaction and another loyal Drain Surgeon customer. Call 706-303-0987 when you think you have a leak, and we will do everything we can to take the stress out of finding and fixing your slab leak.



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