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When you are planning the annual maintenance for your home, items like HVAC service and tree trimming come to mind quickly. However, most people will forget one of the essential systems in their home, the plumbing and drain piping. An annual drain cleaning appointment all but guarantees that you will never need to cancel your days plans to deal with a clog and potential flood from a sink, tub, or toilet.At Drain Surgeon we have 25 years of experience serving the Grovetown, Ga community in both proactive and emergency plumbing work. We regularly see the results of a clogged drain pipe when we are called in the middle of the night, or on a holiday, to remove a blockage that caused expensive water damage. Don’t let that happen to your home. Call 706-303-0987 today to schedule a Drain Surgeon  drain cleaning specialist in Grovetown, Ga and know that a licensed plumber will safely clean your drains with high-pressure water, but no toxic chemicals.Our business is built on offering our customers only the best plumbing service and customer service at a fair price. We know that by investing in our customers, we never need to worry about substantial advertising campaigns or slogans. Our customers are our best advertising, and as long as we take care of them, they will take care of us. Call Drain Surgeon today and experience our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and all of its benefits.
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    What Creates Clogged Drains?

    You would think that all of the water running through your drain pipes would keep them free of clogs. However, as our lives have changed, so has the job of our drain pipes. We are now very focused on using soaps, beauty products, and even cleaning supplies that good for our skin. So unlike in the past, current product makers are adding oils and moisturizers for our skin. So while this is great for the hands, it is a new challenge for drains. The oils in these products stick to the inside of the drain pipe and create a tacky residue.

    The result is that the inside of the pipe is now sticky, which is why more hair and debris becomes lodged in the pipes. This residue is always the beginning of a tough drain clog. Also, it continues to increase, until you have your drains professional cleaned by a Drain Surgeon plumber.

    Clogged Sink Challenges

    Kitchen sink drains handle a lot of debris from garbage disposals and dishwashing. Even when using dish soap, a certain amount of cooking oil or grease builds up on the inside of the drain pipe. And as soon as the hot water is turned off, that gunk becomes very sticky. The next crumbs or particles washed down the sink are sure to get stuck in the residue and begin a new clog.

    Bathroom sinks certainly don’t need to handle the food and cooking oil like a kitchen sink, but they have their own nemesis. Bathroom sink drains are often full of residue from moisturizing bath and beauty products. This creates the perfect place for stray hairs, beard trimmings, and dirt particles to get stuck and begin to block your drain pipe.

    A plunger or snake will only remove some of the clog, but it will never eliminate the residue that is the real issue. Only a professional high-pressure drain cleaning specialist in Grovetown, Ga will remove all of the scum from inside the drain lines. Call 706-303-0987 to schedule a drain cleaning appointment and know that the issue is really being eliminated.

    Dealing With Backed Up Toilets

    A backed-up toilet is always a serious matter. Not only will a flood create water damage, but this wastewater can also create some severe contamination issues. Then there is the issue of not wanting to handle the dirty job of dealing with toilet water. However, your solution is as simple as grabbing your phone and calling the pros at Drain Surgeon. Our licensed, bonded, and insured plumbers are ready to do whatever it takes to remove even the most stubborn toilet backups.

    In some cases, the clog is so dense that the entire toilet must be removed before the blockage can be eliminated. Our plumbers have the expertise to get this job done quickly and then clean the whole drain line with high-pressure water to remove the scum inside the drain pipe. At Drain Surgeon, we remove the clog and your stress.

    What Clogs Tubs and Showers?

    Tubs and showers see a lot of dirt, sand and other particles each time someone bathes. All of those tiny pieces quickly become one large clog when they get stuck in the residue from moisturizing body wash, hair conditioner, and shampoo. And the worst offender in tub and shower drains is certainly hair.

    Harsh chemical drain cleaners, snakes and plungers might restore a portion of the water flow to your drain, but they will never remove the real issue, the residue. Only a professional high-pressure drain cleaning specialist in Grovetown, Ga will remove the sticky substance coating the drain pipes and creating the real problem.

    If you are a pet owner who washes your four-legged one in the tub, remember that all of that pet hair will create some huge clogs very quickly. In some cases, pet owners should consider scheduling a professional drain cleaning specialist every six months to ensure residue-free drains. This schedule will help prevent nasty drain clogs from fur. At Drain Surgeon we will work with your schedule and your needs to determine the drain cleaning frequency that works best for you. Call us today at 706-303-0987 to set up your first appointment.

    A good plumbing company offers more than just quality workmanship. At Drain Surgeon, we believe that our customer service, professionalism, and fair pricing are all equally important. Call 706-303-0987 today, and we will show you what makes us the leader in professional drain cleaning in Grovetown, Ga.



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