Most Augusta homeowners don’t set out to break or even bend the rules when making a plumbing repair or undertaking an addition to their home. However, without a complete understanding of these regulations, it can happen inadvertently. And when it does, the result can mean a potential health or safety risk to you and your family or a costly issue that you will need to correct down the road. For these reasons and many others, it is essential only to trust a licensed professional when you need plumbing repairs or are undertaking a project around the house that involves extending or adding to your home’s plumbing system.

Understanding Plumbing Codes

You might think of plumbing codes much like you would the rules that govern our public roads, streets, and highways. The plumbing codes are designed to regulate all public water systems and private systems that connect to them. The purpose of the plumbing code, or plumbing rules, is to protect everyone using any part of the water and drain system in a city, municipality, or rural region. In addition, some rules were put in place to protect the environment against harmful contamination, such as dumping waste and chemicals in natural waterways or near groundwater supplies.

Plumbing Code Is Working For You

As a homeowner, you have no expertise in your home’s water lines, gas lines, or even the electrical service. That is why you hire an expert to install these essential systems and the same pros to make a repair when there is an issue. You rely on these professionals to know the local plumbing code and follow it. As a result, you have peace of mind and confidence that your home’s plumbing was installed to industry standards and offers the safety and reliability you want for your home and loved ones.

But Wait, There’s More

In addition to safety, plumbing code also focuses on function. We all assume that there are standards for the location of a toilet in relation to the surrounding walls and the height of a sink or vanity top, but we have no idea what those standards are. Your licensed plumber knows those specifics because they are part of the plumbing code. These codes assure you of a safe and functional plumbing system.

Ethics Is Essential

You place a massive amount of trust in the plumber that you hire. After all, most of the work done will be concealed in the floors and walls of your home. You have nothing to see to know if the job is done correctly and professionally. You rely on the honesty, integrity, and ethics of the contractor that you select. So how do you know who is the ethical plumber in your town?

One of the keys to providing quality plumbing work is knowing all the plumbing codes and industry-standard practices. And as you can imagine, that list is massive. The only way to learn all of this copious amount of information is through training. For plumbers, that training is the first step in the process of securing a plumbing license. The lengthy process starts with training and then moves to on-the-job training and hands-on experience. Next comes an apprenticeship to display the understanding, knowledge, and ability to follow the plumbing codes. Finally, that well-trained apprentice earns the right to take a final test and become a licensed plumber. So when you see that you are working with a licensed plumber, you know that the years of training, expertise, and dedication are also present.

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