One of the most common reasons for a call to your local plumber is a backed-up drain. Unfortunately, most homeowners in the Augusta area ignore the warning signs of a clog forming and end up with a nasty blockage before calling in a professional. There is a much greater risk of a flood of dirty water damaging your home by this time.

Avoiding this messy and inconvenient issue is twofold. First, homeowners need to understand what they are doing to create or at least promote drain clogs. And second, they need to realize that everything, including household drains, needs to be cleaned from time to time. So an annual professional drain cleaning will eliminate the impossible to prevent sticky drain residue that forms no matter how careful you might be. That year’s water jet cleaning, and understanding what you need to avoid during the year, will help you avoid those potentially costly drain clogs and floods.

Garbage Disposal Misuse

A garbage disposal suffers many problems due to its name. Many users feel that this unit should be able to grind up any object crammed inside. However, the apparatus was only meant to grind up the small bits of food that were responsibly rinsed off of dishes and cookware. So no stuffing the disposal with leftovers, chunks of fat, or other undesirable food waste. Any grease or fat that goes into the disposal will only increase the amount of residue inside the drain line and cause debris to accumulate more rapidly. Place food waste and grease, oil, and fat into the trash can to avoid creating the majority of your household drain clogs.

Dishwasher Abuse

Dishes covered with bits of food need to be rinsed before finding their way to the dishwasher. Even if the plates come out sparkling clean, the drain in your dishwasher is not meant to accommodate large pieces of food. The chunks of wasted food sit on the screen and begin to create that foul odor that rolls out when you open the dishwasher door. Over time, the pieces shrivel and make their way into the dishwasher drain and then the sink drain. Soon, you will have a new clog forming in the sticky scum that is lining the drains.

Washing Machine Debris

All washing machines have a screen or filter to catch pieces of fabric or other foreign objects that were left in pockets or rolled inside the dirty clothes or towels. These screens need to be cleaned regularly to prevent them from being damaged or destroyed. If ignored, the screen will break and allow all that debris to flow into the drain line and create a tough clog. The other possibility is that the screen will become completely covered but not break. Then you could discover a lot of dirty water flooding out of your washing machine.

Sewer Line Problems

Sometimes, the clog is not caused by anything in your home. Instead, the culprit is outside your house. For example, an aggressive tree root, shifting soil, or damage from a shovel could be to blame for the leak or damage to your home’s only sewer line. When that pipe is blocked, the raw sewage has no place to go but back into your home. Proper sewer line care includes an annual inspection and cleaning as a part of your professional drain cleaning service.

Call (706) 303-0987 to schedule a professional drain cleaning with the pros at Drain Surgeon. Our process uses only pure, high-pressure water to blast away any clogs, blockages, and residue that would create future clogs. It is also safe for your drains and emits no nasty chemical fumes.

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