Most of us living across the United States are fortunate enough to have a surplus of water to meet our needs. So it is easy to forget that many places in the world struggle to have enough water even to survive. And because we all share the planet and limited supply of water, conservation should be important to everyone. In our community, there are many simple ways to save water and money while helping the cause of those less fortunate.

Easy Ways To Do Your Part

Why would you not take steps to save water and a few dollars when it does not impact your lifestyle at all? These simple tips will provide all the information you need to do your part to stretch our limited supply of water.

  • Use The Trashcan – Sadly, many people find it easier to toss bits of trash in the toilet rather than into the trashcan just a step or two away. Not only are you setting yourself up for a clogged drain, but you could be wasting as much as seven gallons of water per flush of trash. Put trash where it belongs and not into the city sewer system.
  • Go Low-Flow – If you enjoy long, hot showers, and are not interested in cutting back a few minutes of pleasure, think about a low-flow showerhead. These devices use an aerator to reduce the water flow while still delivering the same water pressure and feel. You could be saving a gallon of water for every two minutes that you shower.
  • Set A Timer – If you are like most Americans, you devote about 8 minutes to each shower. But if you set a timer for 6 minutes, you can reduce your water usage by 25%. In most cases, that would save about 4 gallons of water per shower, over 100 gallons per month. If you feel like you need a longer soak, take the time to enjoy a soak in the tub to save water and stretch your relaxation as long as you like with no added water consumption.
  • Locate And Fix Leaks – According to the EPA, the average household wastes about 10,000 gallons of water each year due to small but unaddressed water leaks. Anything from a dripping garden hose to a leaking clothes washer hose could be contributing to the waste. And in most cases, the repair is as simple as replacing an O-ring or seal in the fixture. Take a few minutes to look around your house each month for new signs of water leaks. You will save water and money. But most importantly, you will avoid costly water damage from a tiny leak that has grown to a significant and hazardous flood.   
  • Stop Hand Washing Dishes – If you have a dishwasher, use it. Hand washing dishes uses up to 30 times more water than cleaning with a dishwashing machine. The secret to efficiency is only running a cycle when the machine is full and letting the dishes air dry to reduce the energy used for the drying cycle.
  • Turn Off The Water – When you are zipping through your daily routine, turn off the water when you can. Things like brushing teeth, washing your face, and shaving consume several minutes each day. Turn off the water when you are not rinsing or actively using it to save around 10 gallons of water per day, per person in your household. That will add up quickly to a nice savings.

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