The Truth About Chemical Drain Cleaners

When you find a drain in your home that is clearing slowly, it is time to take action. Unfortunately, most homeowners run a little bit of hot water. They hope that the partial blockage will somehow disappear and solve the problem. And when that turns out to be just a dream and not at all the reality of the situation, the next option is to pick up a bottle of chemical drain cleaner at the store.

The bottle says that this liquid will remove even the toughest clogs in just minutes. And for only ten bucks, it is a real bargain. As soon as you get home, you dump a good half of the bottle down the drain, knowing that you have just saved a ton of money since you didn’t end up calling in a plumber. In only 20 minutes, the clog will be gone, and you will be feeling pretty smart and smug.

Unfortunately, when you return in 20 minutes, the room is filled with caustic chemical fumes that burn your eyes and throat. But all you need to do is turn on the hot water to rinse the drain, and you can leave. So it’s not that bad until you realize that the water is filling up the sink. So now, the drain is still clogged, your house smells like a chemistry lab, and your eyes feel like they are on fire. But that might not be the worst part of your day.

What Really Happened In Your Drain

You might be very shocked to learn that hydrochloric acid is a primary ingredient in many liquid drain cleaners. And we all know that acid is used to burn or melt things, which is what should have happened to the clog in your drain. But the problem is that the acid could only reach a small part of the clog. It sat on top of the glob of hair and dirt, only to be able to destroy a tiny sliver of the entire clog. So your sink will still flood if you turn on the water.

But even worse than that, the acid was creating a lot of heat as it was trying to eat away the clog. And that heat was also coming into contact with your plastic drain pipes. So the worst case is that the integrity of your drain line is nowt compromised. Or, in simple terms, your drain melted and will soon be leaking dirty water into the floors and walls of your home. Your next issue is likely to be mold and mildew, thanks to the new leaking drain. 

You Got Burned

Sadly, you got burned both figuratively and literally. The money that you spent on the chemical drain cleaner did not get the job done. So you wasted your hard-earned cash. But you also could have very quickly burned the inside of your nose, throat, and lungs due to the toxic fumes created by the drain cleaner. And hopefully, you did not get any of the chemicals on your skin, or you could be suffering from external chemical burns as well.

The Smart Choice

You still have a clogged drain, but you have learned a hard lesson about believing the catchphrase used on the label of chemical drain cleaners. As a rule, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Now it is time to trust the professionals to remove the clog and clean your drains with no nasty fumes and no dangerous chemicals.

When you call in the pros at The Drain Surgeon, our team uses nothing but pure water at very high pressure to blast away drain clogs. Our process also scrubs all of the residue and small blockages from every inch of your home’s drain lines. We are so confident that we will completely clean your drains that we guarantee our service. To learn more about the process and our promise to eliminate all current clogs and future ones, call (706) 303-0987. We offer same day and emergency appointments, so you never need to worry about a drain clog causing an overflow of filthy water in your home. And we promise that our rates are always the most affordable in the region.

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