The Hidden Costs Of Hiring An Unlicensed Plumber

Let’s be honest; every household operates on a budget. And every homeowner is happy to find ways to save a few bucks on household repairs, a renovation project, or adding on to their home. But is it worth the risk to save a few hundred or even thousands of dollars on a project by hiring an unlicensed plumber? Some people might say that the amount of money they are saving or the entire project’s cost will have a significant impact on their answer. But to be honest, the answer should always be a firm no.

What Is A Licensed Plumber?

A licensed plumber has years of training, hands-on experience, and has passed the testing process for the state in which he or she is licensed. Currently, 44 states require plumbers to be licensed by the state. Only Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, Pennsylvania, and Wyoming do not require a plumber to have passed all of the testing and hold a valid license. In the 44 states requiring a plumbing license, consumers know that any person holding a plumbing license is well educated about all aspects of the plumbing trade, has experienced, and knows the local building code.

The Other Benefit Hiring A Licensed Plumber

When you hire a licensed plumber, you know that they are working professionally and can be held accountable for the quality of workmanship and all other professional standards. That includes having the proper business insurance to protect you in the event of an issue or accident. A non-licensed person does not necessarily have insurance that will cover any damage done to your home or any injury that the person could suffer while on your property.

When you consider the dollar amount of water damage that could be done to your home from low quality or incorrect plumbing installations or repairs, the number is sobering. And unless your plumber has professional insurance, you are going to be left paying for all of the damage to be repaired. But even more concerning is the thought of a personal injury to the person working in your home.

Professional businesses carry Workers’ Compensation to cover their employees in the event of an accident. And because of the nature of accidents, they are possible at any time and under any circumstances. However, if you hire a handyman with no professional insurance or Workers Compensation coverage, he or she could sue you to cover the cost of medical care if they are injured on your property, even if it is in the course of their work. And even more terrifying is the thought of someone losing their life. That is not a situation that you ever want to face or be expected to be held financially accountable for. The smart choice, even for a small job, is to hire a licensed professional and know that they are covered in the event of an accident.

Building Codes, Permits, And Legalities

Plumbing codes vary from state to state and even city to city. But a licensed plumber will know exactly what is required in each area. And while you might not be too worried about the plumbing code now, it will become crucial to you if and when you are ready to sell your home. Many updates, such as room additions, installing a pool and spa, or new water service, require a city permit. And if you do not have the appropriate permit, your construction project can grind to a halt. And even if you get “lucky” and complete the project with no permit, there could still be repercussions. An addition that is not correctly permitted could need to be removed before you can place your home on the market. And should that occur because you hired a non-licensed plumber, you will have little or no recourse.

The idea is simple, hire the right professional to do the job. You go to a licensed doctor, so hire a licensed plumber and know that you never need to worry about the work’s quality or future legal issues. To hire the best Plumber, call (706) 303-0987, and schedule an appointment with the licensed pros from The Drain Surgeon. You and your home deserve the best.

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